CAPRIVI Mk3 – “Designed by Soldiers for Soldiers”

The latest design of the CAPRIVI range of vehicles has been completed-the CAPRIVI Mk3. This is the vehicle that troops want to enter battle with.

The STANAG 4569 level 2 ballistic protection with 10mm armour and upgraded turrets makes this a formidable partner to the already famous CAPRIVI Mk1.

The vehicle seats 10 members with ease and has adequate space for first line ammunition, medical supplies and general life support for the inhabitants.

The hull can withstand 24kg of TNT mines (3 mines) and tests results proofed not only the hull will survive but the inhabitants as well.

Tests completed proofed this vehicle to be trustworthy and true to the motto of “Designed by Soldiers for Soldiers”


Test Dummy Safe and Sound

Capri Mine Buster!!

16kg of TNT.

Caprivi Mk 1 performed excellent. Again no windows cracked.

Vehicle moved 3 meters. everything intact.

Also take note…this is after 3 Mines!! on the same body.

Mud Slinger

Raw Horsepower

CapriVI MK 4X4 MRAP Armour Personel Carrier

CapriVI MK 4X4 MRAP Armour Personel Carrier

Passenger Capacity